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More than finding you a job, our Career Services focus on giving our students the extra assistance they need to achieve their full potential as a healthcare professional. Generation Health Career Institute is fully staffed with professional Career Advisers and experienced Job Developers. We are confident we can provide our graduates with solid career counseling and quality placement in their chosen fields. With our help and your determination, your career goals can be achieved.

  1. Career Assessment and Guidance
    We have a team of advisers who will guide and assist you in developing the skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market.
  2. Internship Opportunities
    An internship can accelerate your career and open new doors of opportunity. Our school is well-known to many of the top hospitals, physicians’ offices, and other internship providers in NYC.
  3. Interview and Job Search Preparation
    Attending this workshop will increase your chances of obtaining a job. Learn to master job interview skills and seal the deal with our help.
  4. Externship Opportunities
    Externship integrates classroom learning with work experience related to students’ respective fields. They gain a better understanding of their career objectives and earn academic credit using externship programs.
  5. Professional Development Seminars
    Make yourself available to participate in our workshops, events, and supportive one-on-one counseling for customized guidance even if you already found a job.
  6. Alumni Network
    An Alumni Association will continue to help our alumni stay informed, develop new skills, and keep in touch with their college community and beyond.