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Due to the short length of class durations and inexpensive cost, financial aid is not offered at Generation Health Career Institute, Inc. However, payment plans are available to all students. We do not grant credit for previous education/training. Students should review the catalog for information. The failure of a student to notify the director in the writing of withdrawal may delay a refund of tuition under Section 5002 of the Education Law.


Licensed private career schools offer curricula measured in clock hours, not credit hours. Certificates of completion, i.e., school diplomas, are issued to students who meet the clock hour requirements. The granting of any college credit to students who participated in or completed a program at a licensed private career school is solely at the discretion of the institution of higher education that the student may opt to subsequently attend.


Upon signing an enrollment, the school will retain the $50.00 non-refundable registration fee. Any refund due to a student who cancels, withdraws, or is discontinued shall be made within 7 days for PCA. The refund is calculated using the Refund Policy outlined below.


(6 or fewer weeks in duration)

  1. A student who cancels within 7 days of signing the enrollment agreement but before the instruction begins receives all monies returned except for the non-refundable registration fee.
  2. Thereafter, a student will be liable for
    1. the non-refundable registration fee plus
    2. the cost of any textbooks or supplies accepted plus
    3. tuition liability as of the student’s last date of physical attendance. Tuition liability is determined by the percentage of the program offered to the student.

    If termination occurs, the school may keep:
    0 – 15% of the program, 0%
    16 – 30% of the program, 25%
    31 – 45% of the program, 50%
    46 – 60% of the program, 75%
    After 60% of the program, 100%

  3. The student refund may be more than that stated above if the accrediting agency’s refund policy results in a bigger refund.

The failure of a student to immediately notify the school director in the writing of the student’s intent to withdraw may delay a refund of tuition to the student according to Section 5002(3) of the Education Law.